Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Day at the Beach

With the recent (and very scary) Jesusitas Fire keeping the babies indoors most of last week, with the break in the weather on Saturday we were determined to get them some time outside in fresh, non-smoke and ash filled air. We decided to take them to the beach at Refugio, about 20 min. north of the city. It was foggy and cool in SB, so we figured on a quick walk, a little lunch and back home in time for their nap and the delivery of our new bedroom furniture (yay!). That plan went out the window when we got to Refugio and found it was sunny and warm and just a beautiful, perfect day for the beach. Teddy and Robie were in heaven!

Of course we hadn't brought anything we'd need for a real "day at the beach" - not the new sun tent still at home in the box - waiting for summer to start, not the babies swim diapers or new sun suits (also still at home in the box), not even a pair of shorts for Mommy. But beach day it was and we had a blast!!

We spread out some towels we keep in the car and fed the boys lunch. Chris was completely disgusted that the boys got sand all over everything and continued eating anyway. He couldn't understand why I wasn't bothered by it and just let them keep eating sand covered food. It's going to be a long summer if he wants to wipe their hands between every bite! By the time they finished eating and were ready to go exploring we realized we'd have to leave right away to get home in time for the furniture delivery. I couldn't bear to throw the poor dudes back in the car after such a short time, so I asked Chris to call his Mom and see if she could let them in for us. He had to roam all over the parking lot to find some cell reception, but he finally got through and his Mom agreed to run over and let in the furniture guys. Yay for Jean!!

With some more time to play with we headed down to the water, figuring we'd just let the boys get their toes wet since the water was freezing (and we had no bathing suits, etc.). 20 minutes later we were all soaked and Teddy was ready to be the next Michael Phelps. The kid has absolutely no fear!! He was ready to run headlong into the ocean, not caring how cold, how deep or how big the waves were. Robie was the complete opposite. I held him to dip his toes in and he immediately shrieked and lifted his little chubby legs up away from the cold water. He loved the rush of the waves and had no problem with Mommy getting wet while holding him, but jump in the cold water with Teddy - uh uh. He'd rather sit and play with the seaweed (the boy loves any kind of greenery/plant life I swear). He will be our marine biologist pulling golf balls out of whale spouts - most likely hit there by Teddy.

The beach had showers nearby, so we stripped the boys down, rinsed them off and put them in some dry clothes. Future note to self - always keep a change of clothes for Mommy in the car, not just extras for the boys. Of course after all that Chris says "We should have just let them go in naked. " Crap - why didn't I think of that!!

Anyway, not really a big dramatic story here, just a really great family trip to the beach and the babies first time in the ocean :-) Now I'm really looking forward to summer and long days at the beach - with the sun tent, bathing suits, cooler full of non-sandy food and happy water babies!!

Oh - and when we got home the new bedroom furniture was all set up in our room and Chris could finally get his clothes off the floor. Truly a magical day.

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