Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clapping and waving and talking

I've been working with the boys for months on clapping and waving, and they never seemed to respond or pay attention - until now. Suddenly this Monday they both clapped - out of nowhere!!! Of course, they wouldn't do it again when Chris and I tried to encourage them. We clapped and sang ourselves silly and they just looked at us like "Really, Mom? Really? You want us to clap for that?" But at least I know they can do it when they want to.

Waving we're still working on, but Teddy has moved his hand a few times when I was leaving for work and you might call it a wave of sorts. I call it a wave anyway. Again, won't repeat the motion when asked, but he's always been very independent minded - LOL.

Robie says the word "duck". No really - he does. They both say Mama and Dada and have for a while, but this is the first word other than that and babbling that we've really identified. We have this tree sticker thing on the wall in their playroom (got it from Wall Candy Arts and the boys love it) and it has yellow birds in the tree. Well Robie pointed to the yellow bird and said "duck" very clearly. H e is a genius.