Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Turning into Little Boys

I know every mother says this, but lately I look at Teddy and Robie and I think - where did my babies go? They're turning into little boys so quickly and I'm not ready :-( With Teddy full on walking/running now, and Robie taking more and more steps everyday, I don't know how we'll keep up. Chris' Mom bought us these leash backpack things, and I'm afraid we're going to have to start using them soon.

On Sunday I took the boys to the playground by myself and man is it harder with Teddy so mobile. He wanted to climb everywhere and run off by himself and I'm trying to chase him while keeping an eye on Robie sitting and playing quietly in the sand by himself. I felt so bad having to leave him and constantly run after Teddy - who would of course kick and scream at being dragged back from whatever dangerous or disgusting thing he was heading for. I swear he found every piece of trash in that playground. I just kept saying "thank you" and taking the wrappers, bottlecaps, straws, sharp objects etc. - I wound up with quite a collection in my back pocket by the time we left.

Meanwhile Robie managed to find a toy truck in the sand and stick it in the diaper bag without me seeing. Very sneaky. He's very into trucks and cars right now - loves to make the vroom, vroom noise - actually it's kind of this evil throaty growl that sounds like he's possessed - and rides his toy one all over the house. Teddy seems to be interested in balls and sports. He loves throwing the big blue bouncy ball we have and chasing it all over the house. And he's become interested in this Boston book my parents gave us when they were born - he particularly likes to look at the pictures of the Patriots, Celtics and Bruins. Grampa Mac will be so proud. It's so fun to see them getting into these phases and developing their own interests outside of the general developmental toy stuff. But it also reminds me again how fast they're turning into little boys.

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